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New Elder Way window reflects building’s artistic past and present

Friday, November 17th, 2023

The stunning new winter art installation at Elder Way has a very special connection to the iconic building’s past as a former Co-op department store.

Commissioned by Jomast, and created by arts charity Junction Arts, the window’s designer, Chesterfield artist Lucie Maycock, has a personal connection to the building. Her mother, Karen Maycock was the Display Supervisor for the Co-op department store.

Lucie (left) and Karen (right)

Karen dressed the windows at the old department store for over 30 years before it closed in 2013 ahead of Jomast purchasing the building and transforming it into a Premier Inn hotel and seven street level units.

During the creation of the artwork, Karen was on hand to help Lucie with the design, revisiting her old place of work to ensure that the window display was perfect.

The display, entitled ‘We are all artists and creators’, includes original illustrations, which frame a stunning collection of lanterns that have been made by the local community over the last three decades, for the annual Bolsover Lantern Parade which is organised by Junction Arts.

The artwork is designed to not only shine a light on the transformation of the iconic building but also Junction Arts, and the work the charity does within the community.

Lucie said: “When Junction Arts asked me to create the window display on Elder Way in the old Co-op building, I was excited by the idea. Not just about the project itself but the link to my Mum and her career as a window dresser in the same building. I grew up seeing my Mum in the windows of this beautiful department store, I remember walking home from school via town to see if I could see her and knock on the window to say hi and show all my friends that this is what she did as a job.

“I asked my Mum if she wanted to help create the arrangements for the window display. She was really excited about going back there and helping me to make the fabulous creation come to life. I am so lucky to have her skills and expertise to help execute this project, it’s a real privilege.

“Drawing onto the window was a wonderful experience. I kept imagining that this was how my Mum would have felt for all those years she spent at the Co-op. As people walked by, they were so friendly, saying hi, asking what I was doing and generally being wonderful. I felt emotionally connected to the artwork, space and purpose of this project.

“Doing this window for Junction Arts was a pleasure and I feel privileged to be promoting my passion for community arts whilst working with my Mum, and being able to put myself in the same place she did so many times.”

The stunning artwork will be on display in the Elder Way window opposite the Co-op Bank until spring 2024.  Visit it at dark to see the effect of more than 7,000 lights in the display.

Find out more about the artwork here


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